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"Grasp the present, challenge the future" - this is our eternal pursuit
Do excellent main industry, the difficulties and the

1 The company has been evaluated as AAA-rating brand credit enterprise and AAA-rating credit unit for many years
2 The company has won titles such as top-100 enterprises in Xiaoshan District, top-100 enterprises in Hangzhou City, top-100 enterprises in Zhejiang Province, top-500 enterprises in China’s manufacturing industry, and top-1000 enterprises in China
3 High-integrity enterprise in Xiaoshan District, outstanding enterprise for construbution in Xiaoshan District, and headquarter enterprise in Xiaoshan District
4 The company holds ¥5.3 billion total assets. The business scale is ¥5 billion. There are more than 3,000 employees

Xinghui Chemical Fiber Group


Add: Yinlong Village, Yaqian Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang, China
P. C.:311209

Email:[email protected]

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